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Open Educational Resources Guide: Open Textbooks

A Leeward Faculty guide to OER

About this page

On this page, you will find links to sites where you can find texts representing a wide range of subjects and a few publishers that offer low-cost textbooks.

  • Look for the OER review exclamation mark symbol or OER review light bulb symbol to view a comprehensive review of the textbook by a UHCC faculty member. 

In addition, this page presents a compilation of links to open textbooks (and a few other similar resources) in various subject areas. The materials included on this page are just a few of the many resources currently available online from various sources, and they are presented here as samples to represent the variety of open textbooks that may be found online today. The boxes below include materials in the following subject areas: Math, Economics, Marketing, History, Biology, Botany, English, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, Foreign Languages, Anthropology, Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, Chemistry, Culinary Arts, Teacher Education and more. This page is frequently updated and new resources are added on a regular basis.

Find Open Textbooks

Open textbooks are available with nonrestrictive licenses. The following sites include peer-reviewed titles representing a wide range of disciplines and subjects.

Arts & Humanities

College Success

Culinary Arts

The following are some open textbooks that are part of a "series of Culinary Arts open textbooks developed to support the training of students and apprentices in British Columbia’s foodservice and hospitality industry. Although created with the Professional Cook, Baker and Meatcutter programs in mind, these have been designed as a modular series, and therefore can be used to support a wide variety of programs that offer training in foodservice skills..." Note: While much of the content in these resources is universal, they were developed for students in Canada and therefore may be references to standards and regulations that differ from those in the United States.

You may download the following books in PDF, ePub, mobi and other formats, or you may read them online.

Working in the Food Service Industry

Basic Kitchen and Food Service Management

Modern Pastry and Plated Dessert Techniques

Food Safety, Sanitation, and Personal Hygiene

Economics, Finance & Business



Food Science & Human Nutrition


Life Sciences


Physical Sciences

Social Sciences


Teacher Education

The following resources include materials specifically for Educational Technology.

Foreign Languages

Information and Computer Science

Hospitality and Tourism