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ENG 200: English Composition II (Matsumoto): Quest 4

Quest 4: Finding good websites

The Web is literally at your fingertips so it's understandable why it's become a go-to source for information.  However, with convenience comes risk.  Because the Web is such a wide open environment there is very little quality control.  It's up to you to carefully evaluate the websites you encounter and to learn how to avoid poor quality information

As college students you are expected to use high quality information. High quality sources will help you to answer your research questions and strongly support your arguments.  Poor quality information is outdated, biased, and inaccurate.  Backing up your arguments with poor quality sources is not a successful research strategy.

Always remember to take the time to critically evaluate the websites you intend to use. 

In Quest 4 you will be looking for a website that presents credible information that strongly supports your research.  Use the CRAAP test to evaluate your website.  If you are unsure about credibility of a website, ask your professor or librarian for help.  Go to the Find tab and select Finding Better Websites for advanced Google search tips. 

Use the Quest 4 worksheets to complete this task

With your articles, books, and credible websites in hand it's time to proceed to Quest 5

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