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ENG 200: English Composition II (Matsumoto): Quest 2

Quest 2: Finding articles

If you need current information or recent research, periodicals will be your best sources. Periodicals are publications which are published on a regular, recurring basis: Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. 

Periodicals include newspapers, popular magazines, and academic or scholarly journals.

Click here to learn where periodicals fit in the information cycle

More current than books...

In some dynamic fields like technology and the sciences, periodicals are especially important because of the rapid pace of change occurring in these areas.  In other fields such as history and the humanities, the pace of change may not be as quick, but periodicals are still vital for their reporting on new advances in the field.  

The more recent information found in periodicals should be used to supplement the older, but more comprehensive information, available in books.

To learn more about the different types of periodicals click here.

In Quest 2 use library research databases to find articles.

  • Go to the Find tab above and select Articles for recommended databases to use for your class assignment
  • See the Help tab to learn how to evaluate (using CRAAP), cite, and annotate your sources

Use the Quest 2 worksheets to complete this task

Now that you have your articles proceed to Quest 3

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