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Career Research Challenge: Quest 4

Quest 4: Finding a website

Maybe you've heard that junk food is bad for you.  Well, just like with food there is junk information.  Junk information is outdated, inaccurate, or just plain wrong.  It consists of opinions or propaganda disguised as objective facts.  This is the kind of information you need to avoid when doing research because the quality of your paper will depend on the quality of the sources you use.

The Internet enables you to search for and quickly access vast amounts of information.  This includes not only information from high quality, reputable sources but also lesser quality and sometimes questionable sources.  While web searching might be just fine for most of your information needs it is not always the best place to start when the credibility of your sources is crucial.  

Carefully evaluate websites and blogs before deciding to include them as sources. 

Learn about Google Advanced to increase your odds of finding better websites.  Go to the Better Websites tab under Find to learn more.

For each website you find

  • Evaluate its for credibility using the CRAAP test.  Look for an About or About us page to learn more about the individual or organization responsible for the site content.  Who are they and what are their credentials?  Are you confident that the information is credible?
  • Create a citation. Refer to the Help Manual for sample citations.
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