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Career Research Challenge: Home


The choices you make in life often require you to find and use information.  Where do you go to find this information?  Is the information that you use trustworthy, accurate, timely, and relevant? How can you differentiate partisanship from impartial reporting? Truth from fiction? In a society where nearly everyone has the ability to reach an audience using a variety of media how can you be sure the information you use is authentic, valid, and reliable?

Your Objective

Create an annotated bibliography of credible sources on your topic. These sources will become the foundation for your research paper.  A good paper needs good sources.

The Research Challenge

The Research Challenge is a series of six tasks, or quests, that will help you to find high-quality, relevant information for your assignment. 

  •    Quest 1:  Refining your search terms
  •    Quest 2:  Finding articles in databases
  •    Quest 3:  Finding a book or e-book
  •    Quest 4:  Finding a website
  •    Quest 5:  Creating your annotated bibliography
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