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History: Fujita

A guide for resources for History courses. It may also be used for general reference to find books about various countries, historical events and time frames.


A guide to help find resources for History courses. It may also be used for general reference to find books about various countries, historical events and time frames.

Professor Fujita’s courses:

  • HIST 151: World History to 1500
  • HIST 152: World History since 1500
  • HIST 281: American History I (to 1877)
  • HIST 282: American History II (after 1877)

Book selection requirements:

  • Pick any topic that falls within the time frame of the class. This includes books about people or events.
  • The book should focus on history and be nonfiction with college level reading.
  • A minimum of 200 pages of actual content is needed, not including appendices, bibliographies, glossaries, indexes, full page maps/pictures, or notes.
  • The book may be in print or ebook format.
  • Please see Professor Fujita to approve your selection. 

Book genres to avoid:

  • Literature
  • Scripture
  • Philosophy
  • Autobiography

Please refer to your current course syllabus for requirement updates.  

World History

Japan Under Taisho Tenno 1912-1926 book cover

Japan Under Taisho Tenno 1912-1926.

HIST 152 

Subjects covered: World War. Politics and Government, Foreign Relations

America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-1996.

HIST 152

Subjects covered: World Politics 1945-1989, United States, Russia.

Fallen elites the military other in post-unification Germany book cover

Fallen Elites The Military Other in Post-Unification Germany.

HIST 152

Subjects covered: Germany, Unification, Social Conditions

Napoleon Bonaparte book cover

Napoleon Bonaparte.

HIST 152

Subjects covered: France, Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon Biography

Thanksgiving The Biography of an American Holiday book cover

Thanksgiving The Biography Of An American Holiday.

HIST 152

Subjects covered: Thanksgiving Day, New England, Pilgrims

American History

America's Black congressmen book cover

America's Black Congressmen.

HIST 281

Subjects covered: Legislators, African Americans, Biography

One man great enough : Abraham Lincoln's road to Civil War book cover

One Man Great Enough : Abraham Lincoln's Road To Civil War.

HIST 281

Subjects covered: Abraham Lincoln, Politics and Government, Civil War

Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain : a biography book cover

Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain : A Biography.

HIST 281

Subjects covered: 19th Century, Mark Twain Biography, American Author

The Democratic-Republicans of Massachusetts : politics in a young republic book cover

The Democratic-Republicans of Massachusetts : Politics In A Young Republic.

HIST 281

Subjects covered: Massachusetts, Politics and Government, Democratic Party

The American Revolution book cover

The American Revolution.

HIST 281

Subjects covered: American Revolution, History, 1775-1783

Selecting a Research Topic

  • Choose a topic that interests you. This is the most important step!
  • Start broad first, then narrow down your topic. Remember to keep it simple!
    • If your topic is too broad, you may find too much information
  • The 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) can be used to help select a research topic
  • Who: Famous or Infamous People
  • Examples:
    • HIST152- Jack the Ripper (London Serial Killer)
    • HIST282- Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motor Company)
  • What:  Historical Events
  • Examples:
    • HIST281- The American Civil War (1861 - 1865)
    • HIST282- The Wall Street Crash of 1929
  • When: Specific Years or Time Periods
  • Examples:
    • HIST152- Japanese Edo Period (1603 - 1868) 
    • HIST151- European Crusades (1096 -1291)
  • Where: Geography or Significant Places
  • Examples:
    • HIST151- The Giza Pyramids 
    • HIST282- The Pentagon
  • Why: For what reason did this happen?


  • Tip: The 5Ws relate to each other and can be used to write your paper. Start with one and fill out the rest for additional research ideas when writing your paper.
  • Example: The Giza Pyramids (Where)
    • (Who) built the pyramids?
    • (What) are the pyramids? What do they look like? What are they made out of? 
    • (When) were the pyramids built? What year were they constructed? 
    • (Why) were the pyramids built? 

Suggested Titles [New Window]

This Google Sheet [New Window] contains lists of suggested book titles for Prof. Fujita's book assignment. The books are organized by course sections labeled in the tabs on the bottom of the sheet. Each column can be sorted to assist in your search. (Upon opening the document, lists are sorted by time period.)

Contact the Reference Desk [New Window] for assistance finding other titles.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, please see our Library Services page [New Window] for the most recent updates about services we are providing at this time, including requesting resources from institutions other than Leeward CC.


books and other materials in the library collection, as well as articles, e-books, and videos from the library's research databases.


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