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Zoology: Wikipedia Hawaiʻi Native Species Assignment: Conducting Research

This guide supports the ZOOL 101 & 200 course assignment in their creation of Wikipedia pages for Hawaiʻi Native Species

Research Tips

Before you begin ...

Know your topic: make sure you understand your assignment's instructions before you begin your research. If in doubt, consult with your instructor. If the topic is of your own choice, take the time to explore different options and choose a topic that interests you.

Define the scope: know and, if necessary, define the scope of your topic. Is it too broad? Too narrow? Sometimes you won't be able to define the scope of your topic until you do some preliminary research and find out what is available and how the resources you find cover the topic of your assignment.

Plan: research takes time. Use your time wisely and aim to finish your assignment before it is due. You may want to create a task plan schedule to ensure that you will have enough time to work on each step of the process.

Begin your search: once you are ready to begin your search decide which types of resources you will need. Will you need books? Articles? Images? Videos? Also, know how many resources you must include and find them early in the process of working on your assignment. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you are having trouble finding resources.

Keywords or search terms

Keyword or topic searches are the most common searches people perform when they do research.  "Keywords" are significant words or terms that are used in searching library research databases and Internet search engines for information related to a topic.

Be sure to think of any synonyms and/or related (broader or narrower) terms because databases and search engines categorize topics in different ways.  Examples

Examples of keywords. A link to accessible text follows

Accessible text

Research Challenge Help Manual