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History of Transportation in Hawai'i

From horse-drawn carriages to elevated railways, learn more about the history of transportation in Hawai'i with our library's resources. Check out our lobby book display and bulletin boards to learn more. 

Narrow gauge in a kingdom : the Hawaiian Railroad Company, 1878-1897
Sugar trains; narrow gauge rails of Hawaii
Place Names of Hawaii
Na Inoa Hoku
Streetcar Days in Honolulu
Honolulu Rapid Transit Program, Honolulu, Hawaii : supplemental draft environmental impact statement
Inter-island ferry system, public opinion poll, September 9, 10, & 11, 1963.
Transcript of the Seminar on Urban Mass Transit, Sheraton-Waikiki Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii, January 26-27, 1978
Hawaii marine highway system study : evaluation of test marine highway system
Arguments for and against a rail transit system for Honolulu
Honolulu Rapid Transit Program, Honolulu, Hawaii : supplemental draft environmental impact statement
Final environmental impact statement, Honolulu area rail rapid transit project.
What people paid to travel : Hawaii transportation costs
Oahu transportation study : summary report, 1985 rapid-transit and freeway-arterial plan.

Best Sellers

Fall 2023 Best Seller - Herc : a novel
Fall 2023 Best Seller - Holly : a novel
Fall 2023 Best Seller - Forged by blood : a novel
Fall 2023 Best Seller -  Every drop is a man's nightmare : stories
Fall 2023 Best Seller -  Shigidi and the brass head of Obalufon
Fall 2023 Best Seller -  Medusa's sisters
Fall 2023 Best Seller -  A council of dolls : a novel
Fall 2023 Best Seller -  The weaver and the witch queen
Fall 2023 Best Seller -  Hungry ghost
Fall 2023 Best Seller - Demon Copperhead : a novel
Fall 2023 Best Seller -  Beyond the wand : the magic and mayhem of growing up a wizard
New best seller - Monstrous : a transracial adoption story
New best seller -  Banyan moon : a novel
New best seller -  And break the pretty kings
New best seller - The brightest star : a novel
New best seller - And then he sang a lullaby
New best seller - Northranger
New best seller - Our migrant souls : a meditation on race and the meanings and myths of
New best seller - Sparrows in the wind
New best seller -  Sky Wolf's call : the gift of indigenous knowledge
New Best Seller on display -  Reclamation : Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson, and a descendant's search for her family's lasting legacy
New Best Seller -  Family style : memories of an American from Vietnam
New Bestseller - Atalanta
New Bestseller - Gordon Ramsay's uncharted : a culinary adventure with 60 recipes from around the globe
New Best Seller on display - The woks of life : recipes to know and love from a Chinese American family
New Bestseller - When can we go back to America? : voices of Japanese American incarceration during World War II
New Bestseller - The Korean vegan cookbook : reflections and recipes from Omma's kitchen
New Bestseller -  Wild tongues can't be tamed : 15 voices from the Latinx diaspora
New Bestseller -  Lorraine Hansberry : the life behind A raisin in the sun
New Bestseller -  You sound like a white girl : the case for rejecting assimilation
New Bestseller - The lost Dreamer
New Bestseller - The world record book of racist stories
New Bestseller - Bad Cree : a novel
New Bestseller - Biting the hand : growing up Asian in Black and White America
New Bestseller - Poverty, by America

This collection features a rotating selection of bestselling fiction and non-fiction books from popular authors. 
Restricted to Leeward CC patrons 

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The Filipinos of Koloa
100 years of healing : the legacy of a Kauai missionary doctor
New Book - Rainbows over Kapaʻa : a story of a multi-racial town and a movie theater
New book on display -  Nā ala kūpuna o Kaʻū : place names and legends
New book on display -  The Genesis of East Asia, 221 B.C.-A.D. 907
New book on display -  American Fuji : a novel
New book on display -  Calculus know-it-all : beginner to advanced, and everything in between
New book on display -  Shanghai : China's gateway to modernity
New book on display - Survival Tagalog phrasebook & dictionary : how to communicate without fuss or fear instantly!
New book on display -  Algebra II for dummies
New book on display - Artistic traditions of inner Eurasian cultures : prehistoric, ancient and medieval golden ages
New book on display -  On dangerous ground : America's century in the South China Sea
New book on display -  Videogame atlas : mapping interactive worlds
New book on display - Disability pride : dispatches from a post-ADA world
New book on display -  The fight for privacy : protecting dignity, identity, and love in the digital age
New book -  Iz : voice of the people
New book - Hawai'i is my haven : race and indigeneity in the Black Pacific
New book - To paradise
New book -  ʻAumākua : volume 1
New book on display -  Ke kumu aupuni = The foundation of Hawaiian nationhood