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International Education Week: Home 2021

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Piece of Hawai'i 2021

Aloha and welcome to our International Education Week page!

International Education Week is November 15-19 and the library's theme for this year is: Piece of Hawai’i.

Delve into books from the Leeward Community College Library's Hawaii-Pacific Collection on arts and crafts, food, and music and dance from Hawaiian culture. Also check out the other online resources that supplement selected books and videos.

Cultural exchange, or the sharing of knowledge, ideas and traditions with someone who comes from a different background than your own, can be as simple as sharing language, stories, arts and crafts, food, music, or dance. The sharing and exchange of these "pieces" of who we are serve to link us together, build relationships, and help us learn more about each other. Explore Hawai’i's history and local cultures found in this guide, where we hope to share a “Piece of Hawai’i” with you!

Featured Books

Leeward Community College Events

Office of International Programs' 2021 International Education Week Flyer

Visit the Office of International Programs' 2021 International Education Week website to view campus events!

For more information about International Education Week activities, please contact:

Office of International Programs
Phone: (808) 455-0505

Piece of Hawai'i Entrance Display

Piece of Hawai'i Entrance Display (Side View)

Piece of Hawai'i Entrance Display (Side View)

Piece of Hawai'i Entrance Display (Front View)

Piece of Hawai'i Entrance Display (Front View)