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History: Google

A guide for resources for History courses. It may also be used for general reference to find books about various countries, historical events and time frames.

Why use Google Advanced?

Search smarter and better by using Google Advanced.  Instead of searching the entire web unfiltered, Google Advanced allows you to narrow your search within specific databases or domains.  It also gives your more search options.  Try it!

Google Advanced

To find Google Advanced, click on the cog in the upper right hand corner of the home page. From there select Advanced Search.

Google Advanced

Search Tips

Exact phrase searching: To find results with the exact wording you want use quotations (" ") around the words. Google/databases will only bring back results with that phrase.

Site searching: To search within a specific site, or to bring up results with a specific domain name, search using the site search. Do this by searching your keywords site:(domain or site) e.g. Hawaii or Hawaii     Be careful not to put a space between the colon (:) and the site.


Enter keywords in these boxes depending on if you want them all to be found, found in a specific order, or if either of the keywords are sufficient.

Enter any keywords here that you DO NOT want to come up in results e.g. Washington State vs. George Washington. If you don't want results about George Washington you would put George in this search bar.

You can search for a specific site domain here by entering the domain e.g. .gov, .edu, .org. You can also search WITHIN a specific site by entering the site address here e.g.

For more search options click this dropdown.

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