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Open Educational Resources Guide: Why OER?

A Leeward Faculty guide to OER

OER @ Leeward Community College

Fall 2017

  • 289 "Textbook Cost: $0" CRN (sections) scheduled, 27% of all CRNs
  • 5371 students enrolled in "Textbook Cost" $0" classes
  • 91 "Textbook Cost: $0" different subjects
  • 92 "Textbook Cost: $0" instructors

Since the Summer 2014 semester, OER and/or Textbook Cost: $0 adoptions have saved Leeward Community College students an estimated $1,627,749!  Learn how textbook prices impact students at Leeward by viewing the student testimonials below.

For more information go to the Leeward Community College OER website.

Student Testimonial: Christina Kaleiwahea

Student Testimonial: Rhonda Craig

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