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Information Literacy - Our Program

The library's online information literacy courses teach basic research skills to students in English 24 and English 100 classes. Students first read through online lessons and perform practice exercises.

After studying the tutorial, students take an online exam through Laulima, the University of Hawaiʻi's online course system. Students who are required to take an exam will automatically have the exam module in their Laulima account.

  • English 24 Exam – 10 questions. Answer 7 correctly to pass (70%).
  • English 100 Exam – 25 questions. Answer 18 correctly to pass (72%).

The questions are multiple choice, and some of the questions on the English 100 exam involve performing actual searches in the library's online catalog and research databases to find the correct answer.

Individual instructors have their own policies on how your score affects your course grade. Instructors also set their own deadlines for passing the exam.

What If You Don't Pass the Exam?

If you don't get a passing exam score after two attempts, you will need to come to the library to obtain a retake permission form, which your instructor needs to sign. Once you get your instructor's signature on the form, you can make an appointment for a review session with a librarian. The librarian will review your exams with you, and help you with any area in which you are having difficulty. After you complete the review and tutoring session, you will be allowed to take the exam one more time.

Exam Deadlines

For Fall 2017, the exams will be available on Laulima until:

  • ENG 24 – November 2
  • ENG 100 – October 26

Instructors may have earlier deadlines for passing the exam. Students are responsible for observing their instructor's deadline.

Research Challenge

Some classes are participating in the Research Challenge, a series of exercises that take you through the research, evaluation, and citation process, to create an annotated bibliography of sources you can use for your research paper.

Proquest Research Companion

Video lessons and tools that guide you through the process of finding, evaluating, and using information. Access the Proquest Research Companion.

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