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Survey Results & Infographics

Find out what our students and faculty think about the Library's services, resources, and spaces.

Infographics put a spotlight on the Library's many activities throughout the year.  What you learn may surprise you.

Annual Statistics

Leeward CC Library Annual Statistics 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
Presentations 319 301 279 249 275 169
Participants 5172 4868 5204 5165 4950 3056
Items Circulated (materials & equipment) 19057 25068 28201 31679 23074 24593
Hits on Website 124807 185958 160725 233159 226664 63766
Database Searches/Sessions 621773 829984 636507 631558 512691 26022
Full-Text Articles Retrieved 84041 96264 127195 117774 -- 90276
Print Monograph (Book) Volumes Held 68801 70125 69169 70718 71771 71057
Print Serial Titles Held 90 111 130 156 167 147
E-book Titles 215206 147053 171493 121668 106773 98439
E-journal Titles 28245 29766 28711 19959 13526 13522
Electronic Databases 66 63 57 40 38 38
Total Resource Expenditures ($) 99439 83310 64381 63870 64590 64846
Resource Expenditures Per FTE ($) 22.32 17.94 14.44 14.24 14.26 14.31

Source:  University of Hawai'i Library Council Annual Report

Information Literacy Program

The Library has an information literacy skills program based on web-based tutorials and online testing.  The version designed for English 24-level classes, introduces students to the various types of information sources (books, periodical, electronic), and gives basic information about how to find information from these sources.  The version designed for English 100-level classes covers these topics in greater depth, and also teaches students how to use specific research tools, and addresses the evaluation of found information for accuracy, bias, and reliability.  Mastery of the material is assessed through an online quiz, taken through the Laulima learning management system.

For more information about the Information Literacy Program, email

Partnerships & Outreach

Infographic highlighting library partnerships in 2015-16 

Accessible text

Na Keiki Puni Moʻolelo

To expand outreach to elementary schools in our community and build valuable relationships with various departments on campus, the Leeward CC Library debuted NKPM in November 2015. The goal of the program is to promote literacy and a love of reading in children, introduce them to a college campus, have them create art, give Leeward CC students hands-on experience working with children and implementing activities related to what they’re studying in class, and showcase the library as a collaborative space with valuable resources. The event will continue every Fall semester.

Presentation at HLA 2015 Conference.

SEED Library

The Leeward Library Seed Share is a collaboration between library staff and our campus agriculture program to inspire and support our surrounding community to grow food locally and share seeds and information with others to support a more sustainable food system. It offers a variety of free seeds that have been trialed and produced on campus along with information related to each crop. This partnership will be used as a case study in place-based education, which shows a way to make the connection between the classroom and the surrounding community. Students receive training through curricula on seed physiology, anatomy, processing and cleaning. A strong research component identifies locally adapted crop varieties, and is carried out in collaboration with local farmers, researchers and non-profit organizations. Library staff organizes, stocks and keep an updated libguide.

Open Educational Resources

Logo for OER  go open, go free using oer The library is active in promoting Open Educational Resources on campus.  We support faculty making the transition away from commercial textbooks by developing resource guides, offering professional development training in partnership with the Educational Media Center, and working directly with individual faculty to identify resources to use their teaching.  More information about Leeward's OER initiative is at

For more info contact Junie Hayashi,, or Wayde Oshiro,

Events & Displays

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Kapunawai: (808) 455‑0681