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Database Access Problems: Common Problems & Solutions

Troubleshooting problems with accessing databases while off-campus.
All of the library's research databases and online resources are accessible off-campus by current Leeward CC students, faculty, and staff. When you click on a database link while you are off-campus, you should be prompted to log in with your UH username and password.

Commonly-Occurring Problems

Error Message that says "Secure Connection Failed" or "SSL Connection Error"
Try clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and browsing history. See more instructions
Error Message that says something like, "This site can't provide a secure connection"
Try clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and browsing history. See more instructions
Error message that says "Forbidden" or says your connection attempt "timed out"
If you're not in Hawaiʻi, please see "You are outside of Hawaiʻi" below. Otherwise, your computer's IP address may have been blocked at the firewall due to suspicious network activity. Don't take it personally – Internet Service Providers often re-use and re-assign IP addresses, so the suspicious activity probably came from someone who had the address before you. Or maybe your computer has been hacked, and something is going on that you should be aware of. In any case, please visit to find your IP address, and contact the Library Systems Office at Hamilton Library at or 808-956-7853 for assistance.
Bookmarking the Database
Don't bookmark the database after you log in. That web address/connection was created just for that particular session. It won't work if you try to use the same URL again later.
Kapiʻolani CC's Nursing Students
Students who are in Kapiʻolani CC's nursing program, but are taking class on the Leeward CC campus, need to use Kapiʻolani CC Library's website for off-campus database access.
Another Campus is Your Home Campus
If you are taking a Leeward CC class, but another campus is your official "home campus", you need to use the library website of your home campus to access research databases from off-campus . If you need to access a specialized database for your class that is not available from your home campus, please contact our Circulation Department at or 808-455-0210 for assistance.
Late Registration
If you registered during the late registration period, our records might not have been updated with your current status yet. This will usually get taken care of automatically within a few days, but you can also contact our Circulation Department at or 808-455-0210 for faster assistance..
You are outside of Hawaiʻi
For security reasons, many places outside of Hawaiʻi are blocked from UH library computer systems. which can cause problems for distance education students or travelers. To arrange for access to library databases from your location, please visit to find your IP address, and contact the Library Systems Office at Hamilton Library at or 808-956-7853 for assistance.

Another option is to use the UH VPN service to establish a secure connection to the UH network before accessing databases. VPN can be tricky to set up on your computer, but is easy to use once set up.
Your Student ID card has a barcode sticker on it.
Older Student ID cards have a barcode sticker with a 10-digit number, instead of a barcode printed on the bottom right corner of the card. This causes a problem with the database login system which results in the login screen reappearing after you log in. Please contact our Circulation Department if this problem affects you.
Community Borrower Card Users
Holders of Community Borrower cards cannot access our restricted-access databases, due to the terms of our contracts with our database vendors.
Searching on your laptop on campus, then resuming your session after leaving campus
If you connect to a database on campus, then suspend your laptop and try to resume your session after leaving campus, the database will stop recognizing you as an authorized user. You'll need to go back to the library website and click on the database link to start a new session. Tip: To continue your research over different sessions in EBSCOhost, you can create a user account within their system that will let you save your preferences, search history, and lists of articles. – Can no longer access articles, or have a limited number of articles available
The Pass is good for one year at a time (for faculty and staff) or until your anticipated graduation date (for students). If you are still a current student, staff, or faculty member, go the NYTimes activation website to renew your account.
MyUH Portal
If you are using the MyUH portal to get to the library's website, some features and databases might not work. Use this link to open a direct connection to the library's website, or manually enter the address into your browser.

Reporting a Database Access Problem

If none of the situations listed above describe or solve your problem, please let us know so we can try to fix it. Fill out the form below, or contact us at or 808-455-0379.

Screen images of error messages can be very helpful to us in diagnosing your problem. E-mail them to

  • Windows: Press the PrtScn key, then paste into a Word or WordPad document, or save it with a graphics program.
  • Mac: Press Command-Shift-3, and attach the resulting file.

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