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Library Services: Using the Library

Checkout & Return

Borrowing and Returning

Books, videos, and equipment can be checked out and returned at the Circulation Desk, near the front entrance of the Learning Commons. Books may be returned at any time through the book depository slot on the front of the building, to the right of the entrance door.

Valid Identification Card

Leeward CC ID Card:  A validated Leeward CC ID card serves as your library card and allows you to borrow items, and print and photocopy documents. To get a Leeward CC ID card, go to the Student Life Office in AD-223B.  See their Student ID page for more information.

Validate your Leeward CC ID card at the Circulation Desk near the entrance of the Learning Commons.

Other benefits of the student ID card include access to Student Life activities, student discounts, and you can purchase a U-Pass bus pass.

Borrowing Electronics

Leeward CC students can borrow one of our 30 Dell laptops, 3 Mac laptops, or 30 iPads for 4-hour intervals.  These items must remain on-campus. Laptop and iPad use is governed by the Electronic Device Use Policy

The Library also offers Leeward CC students the use of laptop and iPad chargers, headphones, and HDMI cables.

Loan Periods & Overdue Fines

Collection Loan Period Overdue Fines
General Collection 28 days $0.25/day
Hawaiian/Pacific Collection 14 days $0.25/day
ESL Collection (Leeward CC Students Only) 14 days $0.25/day
Juvenile Collection 14 days $0.25/day
Bestsellers Collection 21 days $0.25/day
DVDs 7 days $1/day
Laptops & Chargers 4 hours (On-campus use only) $1/hour
Headphones 3 hours $1/hour
Course Reserves 3 hours (in the Library) or 3-days $1/hour, or $10 for 3-day loans

Hourly fines are assessed for whole or partial hours since the due time. In other words, if a laptop is returned between one and 60 minutes late, a $1 fine will be charged; a laptop returned between 61 and 120 minutes (two hours) late will incur a $2 fine, etc. Similarly, daily fines are assessed for whole or partial days. A book with $0.25/day fine rate will incur a fine of 25¢ if returned on the day after it was due.

The Library assesses fines and fees to ensure that everyone has equal access to materials and equipment.  A failure to return items by the stamped due date (books) or by the verbally stated time (laptops & equipment) will result in overdue fines.  When items are overdue for a long time, they may be declared lost and replacement and processing fees will be assessed in addition to overdue fines. Damaged items are assessed on case-by-case basis. 

Balances under $10.00

Library accounts with balances under $10.00 are still considered in good standing and borrowing privileges are available.

Balances $10.00 and above

Library accounts with balances $10.00 and over are not in good standing and borrowing privileges are blocked until a payment is received.  The Library also places a block on a student's account in Banner, the university's student information system, which blocks registration, graduation, and  transcript requests.  

Making Payments

  • Library:  Cash and check payments are accepted at the Library's Circulation Desk. Financial transactions are conducted up until 6:00 pm Mon-Thurs and 4:30 pm on Friday.
  • Additional Payment Options:
    • Telephone:  Credit card payments can be taken over the phone by calling the UH-Mānoa Hamilton Library Business Office at (808) 956-7203.
    • Cashier's Office (AD-first floor, ewa side):  Payments for fines and fees by cash, check, and credit card payment are accepted if the amounts are posted to a student's Banner account. See Library staff for details.

Course Reserves

Course reserves are readings that instructors have asked the library to provide to students for short-term use. For more information, please see the Course Reserves page.



Print, Scan, or Copy


You will need to set up a print account:

Add Value Station

  1. Go to the Add Value Station (AVS) located next to the downstairs print release station.
  2. Scan your Student ID card.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit PIN. You will need this PIN to release your printouts and manage your print account.
  4. Add money to your account. B/W printouts are 10¢; color printouts are 75¢. You will be charged for both sides if doing double-sided printing or copying.

Printing from a library computer:

  1. At a Library laptop or desktop computer, print using the normal print command.
  2. The default printer/destination is black & white (BW). You can choose a color printer.
  3. Click the Print button. A pop-up window will appear and ask for your Student ID Number. Be sure to include the dash if that's how it's printed on your card.
  4. You will also have to give a name for the print job. Enter something that helps you remember what you printed.
  5. Go to the appropriate release station, scan your ID card and enter your 4-digit PIN. You will see a list of your print jobs and can print the desired documents.

Printing from a personally-owned laptop or other non-library computers:

  • Our MobilePrint* service allows you to upload files from any computer to our printing system.
    • Laptops and computers:  Go to to upload your file. 
    • Accepts MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, text (CSV, RTF, TXT), images, and Visio files.
  • After uploading your file to MobilePrint, go to any Library and Learning Commons print station to release your job.

*Note:  You must have a print account to use MobilePrint.  See the section above to learn how to establish your print account.

Can I print without a Student ID?  

If you don't have a Student ID card or aren't a student, guest print cards are available for purchase at the Add Value Station for $1.00. It includes 50¢ credit in the print account.

How much time do I have to retrieve my printouts?

Print jobs sent from library computers are available in the printing system for two hours.  Print jobs uploaded through MobilePrint are available for 24 hours.

Where are printers located?

B/W and color printers are located on both floors of the Library.

**B/W printing is 10¢/side and color printing is 75¢/side.

**Your print account allows you to print at the Waiʻanae Moku Education Center.


2nd Floor (Lower Level):

  • The KIC Click Mini high-speed book and document scanning station allows you to save a scanned image to a USB drive or your mobile device, send it by e-mail, or upload it to cloud storage. Books are scanned face-up under an overhead scanner, and multi-page documents can be fed through an automatic document feeder (ADF).
  • An overhead book scanner is available near the service desk in Kapunawai, the Hawaiʻi-Pacific Resource Room.

3rd Floor (Upper Level)

  • The Xerox 7830 WorkCentre printer/photocopier also functions as a scanner. You need a printing account to log in to the machine, although there is no charge for scanning. A USB drive is required to store the scanned digital files. See staff for assistance.


The Library has two copy machines:

  • 2nd (main) floor:  The Xerox 5325 WorkCentre is located near the AVS Print kiosk and Group Study Rooms.  Black and white copies only. Accepts cash only.
  • 3rd (upper) floor: The Xerox 7830 WorkCentre is located near the computer workstations opposite the green sofas. This is a dual print/copy machine that requires you to have a printing account; no cash accepted. Black and white and color copies.

**B/W copies are 10¢/side and color copies are 75¢/side.

Desktop Computers

New Procedure – Logging In to Library Desktop Computers

  1. Use your UH ID card number to log in.
    GUESTS: Get a temporary password at the front desk for Public Access Stations 01 - 04.
  2. There will be a pop-up message to let you know when time is running out. See front desk staff if you need assistance and/or need more time.
  3. Click "Pause" if you need to step away from the computer. The timer does not stop.
  4. Remember to save and/or backup your work. Files will be deleted from this computer after time runs out and/or when you log off.
  5. Log off (AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN) after your session.

PC desktop computers are available for students on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Computers are provided for research and coursework purposes - gaming and other non-academic uses are discouraged.  The majority of computers in the Library are access controlled.  

  • UH-affiliated students, faculty, and staff - Present your valid UH ID card at the Circulation Desk. Your credentials will be added to the database so you can access most desktops in the Library and Learning Commons.
  • Community members - You are welcome to use designated Public Access Stations on the main level for up to 30-minutes. See staff at the Circulation Desk for a password.

Reminder:  To protect your privacy, always log off when finished using a computer.

2nd Floor, Learning Commons Area

Computers reserved for student use are located at the workstation desks near the center of the floor.  Log in is required to use these computers.

Public access stations are located along the wall near the Writing Center.  Community members are welcome to use these computers.

2nd Floor, Library, Kapunawai - Hawaiʻi-Pacific Resource Room

PC laptop computers are located in Kapunawai - the Hawaiʻi-Pacific Resource Room.  Computers may be used when the room is not reserved for classes, workshops, or special events.

3rd Floor, Library

Computers for student use are near the Ewa stairwell and near the middle of the floor.  PC desktop computers in the classroom area are available when classes are not scheduled.  See the posted class schedule for dates and times. 

The DMED/TVPRO Mac Pro computers are restricted to Digital Media and TV Production students. A password is issued by your instructor.  

Find a Place to Study

Leeward Community College Library seeks to provide access to knowledge and learning through the use of library resources and facilities; to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for both library users and staff; and to protect library resources and facilities. Use of library resources and facilities is a privilege granted to registered students, faculty, and staff of Leeward Community College. Affiliated users and visitors whose needs for use reflect the educational mission of Leeward Community College are also welcome.

Library users are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Library's Acceptable Behavior Policy

2nd Floor (Lower Level), Learning Commons Area

The open Learning Commons area is a collaborative space intended for students working individually or in groups. Noise can be expected in this area, but we require everyone who is using the area to be respectful of others by using "indoor voices" and behaving in an appropriate manner. See floor map for details.

2nd Floor, Group Study Rooms

Groups of 3 to 5 people may schedule the use of one of two group study rooms for an hour, and may extend use into a second hour if no one else has booked the room. The group must include at least one current Leeward CC student. The rooms each have a large wall-mounted monitor that you can connect to using an HDMI cable or Apple TV. See the Group Study Room Policy for more details.

To reserve a group study room, you can go to our Group Study Room Reservation page or call the Circulation Desk at 455-0210.

2nd Floor,  Kapunawai - Hawaiʻi-Pacific Resource Room

Kapunawai was established as a Hawaiian place of learning in the Library.  The room houses part of the Hawaiʻi-Pacific Collection, a reference desk, and functions as a small instruction and event space.  When the room is not scheduled for classes or events it is available as a study space. More about Kapunawai

3rd Floor (Upper Level), Library

The Library's 3rd floor is intended for those who need a quiet space to study. Study tables border both sides of this floor and there is a quiet study corner on the Diamond Head side of this floor with individual study carrels. See the library map for the layout..

Food & Drink in the Library & Learning Commons

Covered drinks and dry snacks are allowed.  Please consult the Library's Food & Drink Policy for more information about what is allowed in our facility. 

Charging Your Personal Devices

The Library is happy to offer power options to its patrons. Outlets can be found on both floors, typically on the outskirts. The Library also offers courtesy charging stations for your mobile devices. These stations have both types of Apple connectors, Micro USB, and USB-C connectors for Android and Windows devices. Some charging stations also have USB ports if you need to plug in your own cable. Charging stations are located on both floors. Feel free to ask for assistance if you'd like help locating a power source.

Regular Library Hours
General Information: (808) 455‑0210
Reference Support: (808) 455‑0379
Kapunawai: (808) 455‑0681