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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Search Tips!

Stay informed. Learn what GMOs are, what laws regulate them, and why this is an issue that you should be concerned about.


-Voyager will default to the QuickLimit "Leeward CC: All Collections" for most searches. If your initial search produces no results, go back and expand the search to "All UH Libraries". This gives you a greater chance of finding the item, and you can always place a hold on items from other UH-system libraries.

-If you remember a book you loved, but not the name of the author, simply conduct a "Title Begins WIth" search, and once you open the item record, you can click on the author and see what other items he/she has available in the UH-system.

Example: I enjoyed reading "Gone Girl" and want to find more books by the author. I do a "Title begins with" search for the item. Once the item record is open, we can click on the name of the author (Gillian Flynn). All associated titles will be displayed.

The Key to Searching is...


Even the most seasoned researchers have problems finding relevant resources. It is essential to continue modifying your search until you find the information you want. Do not get dejected by what you deem a "failure" of a search.

If you'd like assitance with searching and finding items, consult with one of our Reference Librarians available every day that the Library is open at the Reference desk on the upper floor of the library. We're happy to help!

Use "Subjects"!

This is a useful but hardly-known tip about finding more relevant resources. The key is to find an item record that truly pertains to what you want/need.

Example: I want to learn everything there is to know about the history of cheese. I do a keyword search for "cheese history". When I choose an item that looks appropriate, I'll see the following on the item's record next to the "Subjects" field:


Subjects: Cheese - History; Cheesemaking - History; Cooking (Cheese) - History; Cheese industry - History; Civilization, Western - History

If I click on one of these, it'll take me to other item records with the same "subject" tag. I chose to explore the first subject (Cheese--History). The next screen shows that there are 4 associated titles:


Once I click on it, I'll get more detailed information about each of the 4 titles.


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