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Open Educational Resources Guide: Printing Textbooks

A Leeward Faculty guide to OER

Printing Services for OER Textbooks

Do you prefer to read printed pages rather than on a screen?

If so, we invite you to submit your course materials to the Leeward CC Copy Center. You will only be charged for the pages you print. Binding and three-hole punching is an optional additional charge.

1. Send an email to Copy the form below into your email and fill it in.

Course: ________________ (Example: ENG 100), Instructor: __________________



___ Print all pages

___ Print pages __ to __ of the attached pdf document. 


Binding: (Check one)

____ No binding

____ Three-hole punch

____ Comb bind


2. Document must be in .pdf format. Include the .pdf as an attachment to your email. 


3. The Leeward CC Copy Center will email you (within 1 business day) from the time that they have received your request. The email will provide you with the total cost of your job. 

Printing Costs: $0.05 per page

Comb bind or Three-Hole punch: $1.00 (Photo above right shows comb bind.)


4. Go to the Copy Center located in the General Technology Building First Floor, GT-104. The Copy Center will process your order once you pay. Cash only please.


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Regular Library Hours
General Information: (808) 455‑0210
Reference Support: (808) 455‑0379
Kapunawai: (808) 455‑0681